Saudi diplomat: Israel official’s visit to Kingdom a matter of time


Riyash, Saudi Arab- A Saudi diplomat has declared that an Israeli official’s visit to the Kingdom is a matter of time, stressing that the Arab-Israeli war is over. The economic newspaper Globes has published an interview with a Saudi diplomat, who preferred to remain anonymous, who said that `the Arab world admires Israel due to its technological achievements, and aims to replicate it. Even those who dislike Israel actually admire it.’

The diplomat said that he is expressing his own point of view, which is in line with the government in Riyadh, according to the Israeli website i24 News. On the use of Israeli technology and espionage software by Saudi intelligence, the diplomat clarified: ‘Israeli technology is advanced, and the Saudi security services are using the best obtainable technology.’

The diplomat explained that national security is a top priority for his country, as it is the situation in Israel.

He denied allegations that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is involved in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi: “There is a deliberate campaign against Saudi Arabia, especially the attack on the Crown Prince. His enemies are responsible for this campaign, namely Iran, aiming to destabilise the political process he is leading.’

‘We must understand that Saudi Arabia has a deep commitment and responsibility towards Palestinians. Hence, the King renewed his promise to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during their last meeting, saying he will not allow diplomatic steps that would harm the Palestinian leadership.

However, the King and the Crown Prince are trying to convince Palestinians to consider the political and economic benefits of the deal of the century seriously.

The diplomat stressed that his country and others are willing to invest huge amounts into the deal of the century, and added: ‘If this deal is initiated, Palestinians will get real independence that guarantees them a good education, jobs and a strong economy. Thus, they won’t depend on aid from others.’

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